There is not much competition for the boat tour business, which is restricted to lakes with very specific characteristics. We give water tours with historical information on Cass Lake, which is really 7 lakes and Gull Lake which is 9 different lakes. They’re both spots to learn about the great history of the Mississippi Waterway.

Our boat is able to traverse streams and smaller waterways, offering the most inclusive lake tours on either the Cass or Gull lakes chains. There’s peddle pubs and party boats, but we’re the only tour service on the lakes! Our boats can carry up to 8 tourists and are a new recreational opportunity on the lakes.

Woman on boat

All Aboard -- Join Our Crew!

While the tours currently are only performed on Cass Lake, in 2022-2023 we are looking to expand to the series of lakes known as the Gull Lakes chains.

I’m looking to bring aboard boat captains to give tours. I’m also looking for a business partner to expand and grow with the organization as an adviser and future business partner. College internships are also possible!

Typical candidates will fit the examples below:

  • I am a retired business owner, who grew up spending summers on the lake. Once retired, I wanted to do something part time that I enjoyed…The Lake was calling!
  • Scott is a teacher who has been spending his summers on gull for over 30 years. In addition to his love of the history and folklore of the area, Scott also enjoys all types of adventure that the lake has to offer
  • Joe grew up spending summers boating, camping and listening to the rich history and endless ghost stories about Lake George.
  • Tom, a recently retired social studies teacher that would love to share the rich history of lakes with you. He grew up and live in nearby and spent my summers growing up camping on the lake
  • Jeff, was with Leech Lake Gaming, a member of the Ojibwa band, and grew up on Cass Lake reservation which provides Native American history, and short stories about the area.

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Ron’s looking for a future co-owner to assure sustainability of the company. He’s an older gentleman and needs someone to build this business with who he can pass the baton to at some point. If you’d be interested in joining Ron on this business venture, give him a call today!